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Training Programs:



R-44 Raven I PRICING

Discovery Flight

$249/person *

$499/person *

Flight Instruction



Instructor ground school



* Aircraft, fuel, ground instruction, and instructor included. Block rate discounts available. 3% additional credit/debit fee.

  • Earn your rotor wings with us!

  • Private Pilot Rotorcraft Certificate

  • Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft Certificate

  • Instrument Rotorcraft Rating

  • Certified Rotorcraft Flight Instructor

  • Certified Rotorcraft Flight Instructor with Instrument

  • Must be able to read, write, understand, and speak English

  • Must be 16 years old to solo and 17 years old to take the FAA Flight Test

  • Obtain an FAA Medical Certificate before your first solo flight (we recommend doing it before you get started)

  • Pass the FAA written Knowledge Test (70% or better) before taking the FAA Oral and Practical Flight Test

  • Complete 40 hours minimum flight time (national average 60-70 hours) to include:

    • 20 hours of dual flight instruction

      • 3 hours of dual instruction at night

    • 10 hours of solo flight

      • At least 3 hours of cross-country solo flight

      • (1) 50 nautical mile cross-country solo flight with a 25NM leg

      • (3) solo take-offs and landing at an airport with an operating control tower

  • Pass the FAA Oral and Practical Flight Test

All instruction is done one on one. We work at your pace. Flight and ground school will be scheduled in (2) hour blocks each. We recommend a minimum of two flight/ground school lessons per week (8 hours total), with a third lesson of either flight or ground depending on what you need the most for a total of (10) hours of training per week.



R-44 Raven I PRICING


$425/hr (40 hr. min) = $17,000

$750/hr (40 hr. min) = $30,000


$99/hr (40 hr. min.) = $3960

$99/hr (40 hr. min.) = $3960

Books & Supplies



Insurance (required before solo)






Federal Aviation Regulations:

Helicopter flight school operating under FAR Part 61 instruction, FAR Part 91 sightseeing tours and aerial photography throughout the Finger Lakes region.

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